At the heart of it, interviewing is much more than competition and performance. It's actually an opening to deep connection and presence.

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The Zen of Interviewing & the Gift of YOU!

Who knew that interviewing was actually an entry point to serving others and building connection? Think about that for a moment. Why wouldn't it be?  People come together to establish whether they should collaborate to help make the world a better place.  That's big! That's enormous!! That's epic!!!

So, let's give interviewing the reverence it deserves by shattering the life limiting belief that interviewing is a performance, and only the best at it win. That's a lie we've all been told that keeps us from our fullest expressions of self.

You are the gift!  There is no one else in in the universe with your unique perspective, your humor, your creativity, your passion, your intelligence, and your precious soul presence. You are the gift. You. It's time to share yourself with the world and truly live the life you've imagined.  So let's begin!

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Interviewing is about connection.

So take your time to mindfully prepare and cultivate connection with employer and yourself — both!

In today's world of hyper automation and mobile devices, it's harder than ever to find space to self reflect.  But, self reflect you must!  If not for your own personal growth, but for the sake of your interview experience.  Here are four key areas to focus on in the weeks leading up to your interview.


#1: Know Your Passions & Your Stories — Know Yourself!

Ask yourself, why do you love this work? How does it align with your purpose in life?  Embody the truth of you and others will feel inspired and attracted to your unique light.


Ask yourself, what experiences have you had that helped shape who you are?  Think of effective projects you’ve led, examples and approaches to conflict, how you empower others, your greatest failures (yes great, because that's where we gather up our greatest learnings) and greatest successes.  Strengths, weaknesses, all of it. And be prepared to share how this all has led you to pursue certain paths for self improvement. Know your story, own it  — and share it!


#2: Follow Your Curiosity — Journey Into the Organization

Immerse yourself in to the organization’s website and Google for mission, press, structure, vision, services/stats, leadership. Come into common ground.  This is respectful and connecting, and what the heart wants.  

#3: Prepare & Write Down Your Questions — In Advance

Review the interview plan and prepare questions that would apply to each group and their area of specialization.  You  are not expected to have these memorized.  A prepared list that you refer to shows you care.  PREP TIP: Remember to order your questions from broad down to the tactical, the way a leader thinks. This way you create a flow that feels coherent and best reflects your priorities.

#4: Put Your Ego In It's Place — Repeat These Two Heart Mantras 

Our fear mongering egos are focused on one thing — convincing us that we are not good enough and there is no way we're ready. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Repeat these two heart mantras out loud to yourself before bed and upon waking.

 I am ready and I have access to all that I need to connect.
I am a good person and I bring value to this world.

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Interview Day: Cultivating Connection

Interviewing, left to its own devices, is a disembodying experience. But, fear not! You can come back into connection by keeping your heart behind the wheel with your ego in the passenger seat, playing the role of co-pilot, no more.  It all begins and ends with a dose of humanity and respect - and that manifests as gratitude.


At the stage of handshakes and hellos, take the opportunity to express your gratitude for having been invited to interview. Make this your virtual bow.  You will be amazed by how good it feels to be human and it will set the stage for everything to come.

The 10 Million Dollar Question: "Why Do You Want This Job?"

How can anyone choose to collaborate with another if they have no clue as to the other's desires, purpose, and path?  You need to be ready to share deeply here. Shallow answers are missed opportunities for connection.  


Here's a formula for deep and meaningful sharing:

FIRST:  Share what is it about the nature of the role that attracts you.

SECOND: Share what it is about the nature of the organization that attracts you.

THIRD: Share what it is about the geographic area that attracts you.

Satisfy these three open questions and put the employer's mind at ease. They can now know how to engage with you and where to find common ground.

Be of a service heart & mind and ask yourself, "how can I help you know me?"

Lean in and invite every question.  The servant heart wants to help, so every question counts.  Holding questions and answers in this space will completely change how you perceive and answer each question. Suddenly your time together feels more like a collaboration than an interrogation.


As a healthcare professional, be prepared for three different categories of questions:

  1. Your background, experiences, training

  2. Scenario & behavioral based

  3. Clinical and/or technical questions

For more information on how to answer these various types of questions, join us live on Wednesdays at noon (pst) for our live Instagram chat on the Zen of Interviewing, @jobhivery.


Express your curiosity and interests by asking your prepared questions about the position and organization.

In addition to your list of questions, a strategic final question to ask that will help you truly cultivate connection is, "Based on our discussion and my background, do you have any concerns about my capacity to fulfill this role?"  If they answer with a concern, acknowledge the concern, and then share your unique capacities that bridge that gap.  Serve the concern.

Final Affirmation

Before you say goodbye, share how you feel.  Let them know that you enjoyed every minute with them and their team and that you  would like to pursue this opportunity further.  Don't leave them hanging. People liked to be liked!.

Final Gratitude & Good Bye

Offer your gratitude again for the time spent and for the sharing of valuable information.  End with humanity, then repeat this mantra to yourself, "I did my part. I showed up authentically. Now do your thing. I trust you."  The universe is listening.

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Post Interview: Nurturing Connection

Meaningful Thank You Email

Be expressive of your interest and reflect on what you heard and what  you  can offer them.  Use the Chunky Peanut Butter Sandwich method -  meaning, don't forget the best part in the middle!

  • Thank you for the opportunity to meet . . .

  • I heard your team express their need for . . . here’s how I can meet that need . . . 

  • I am extremely interested to pursue this opportunity . . .

Send via email within 36 business hours and then release any expectations for the outcome to the vast and loving intelligence of the universe.


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