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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Welcome to "bee-ing" – musings of a founder and queen bee.

It's 1:22 am in the morning of August 19, 2019. I should be asleep, but all I want to do is launch our blog to share with full transparency and generousity the tales of success and failure when it comes to birthing an offering that is 100% of the heart.

Folks. The time has come. I've tipped past fifty, nearly raised a boy to a man and the world is calling in a better way to live. I honestly believe that the time is now to choose radical community and connection over the rampant competition and fragmentation that has left so many of us adrift and afraid.

I was asked what my "why" was the other day and the answer came to me so simply. My why is purely love – my love of life itself.  That includes love of the butterfly and the ant, the whale and the crab, the tree and the moss, the rich and the poor, the old and the young, the stars and the canyons, the lost and the found - all of it. Love compels me to live on the edge. I want to live my life fully and with wild abandon because that is what love does. It is not complacent, selfish, lazy, or spoiled. It is vibrant, reaching, creative and risking of it all every single day to experience just one more flash of warmth on its brow gifted from the sun.  So, I live for love, and to quote the iconic Springsteen, “no retreat, baby, no surrender”.

I could share so much more, but I'm already guaranteed to swell up and look like the living dead tomorrow morning given the late hour. So off to bed I go, but not before I say thank you to anyone who has found themselves here curious about what we're up to. You are a seeker – and that gives me hope.

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