slayed by love

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Setting sun on a cloudy day (Encinitas, California)

Today is the last 'first day' of my son's K through 12 education. The beginning of an ending. Snot and tears are everywhere - there is no denying my grief.

Now, I know of course that this ending marks a new beginning for my son and those in his inner circle – but I don't let that truth crowd out my very real need to mourn his boyhood and the precious time we've had together, here at home.

My memories are vivid. Hunting for the lentil sized tail light in piles of plastic lego pieces, whipping up pancakes while listening to Nick Drake, spontaneous story telling of epic battles won and lost between pirates and dragons, chasing toy boats down gutter rivers during epic down pours, and so much more all leading up to his own set of car keys, a trip to the mountains alone with friends and now plans for college . The magnitude of it all is rooted in my soul, and so I weep for a soon to be by-gone era – because I love.

And this turns me to you. The seekers. You're here reading this short lament. You love too.

So here's to you, and the present moment. Here's to radical community and permission to cry. And here's to endings that lead us right back to where we started – here in the heart center, slayed once again by love.

Lori Wallace

Founder and Queen Bee of Job Hivery



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