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May you find yourself at home here, safely shored up and reassured as you offer yourself and your gifts to the world.


Truly embracing a life of self care is fundamental to our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


Job Hivery is here to support your wellness with curated offerings designed to help soothe anxieties and activate your purpose and joy.

Our first offering of embodied wellness is, "Embrace: A Journey into Embodied Nature". Sign up below to be notified of its release, along with everything else that's buzzing and alive with Job Hivery!

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Find curated wisdom, stories and beauty here!  We'll catch up with healers, coaches, artists, environmentalists, change agents, authors and more, for advice on how to live a life of wild authenticity, manifestation and joy.


Be sure to follow our blog for anything and everything on bee-ing fully alive and well in a tumultuous and devastatingly beautiful world.


Don't we all crave meaningful human connection?  Nature knows about radical community building and we're going to follow her lead.  

Once we are in full swing with our job hive plus wellness, we'll be moving right along to local swarms full of enlivened networking and mischief. Just you wait and see! You'll never have seen anything like it!

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